• Homeopathy is an holistic therapy based on matching “like with like”.
  • It is concerned with the whole individual, not symptoms alone, so we require a very detailed picture of the person.
  • The skill of the homeopath is in matching the most appropriate remedy to each individual.
  • Remedies are made from minute amounts of natural substances that have been greatly diluted to remove any toxicity.
  • They are neither harmful nor addictive and suitable for almost everyone.
  • It is believed that such subtle intervention triggers the body’s own healing mechanism, though not yet scientifically proven.
  • Homeopathy can be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional treatment.
  • It can be used as a “one-off” in an acute situation e.g. food poisoning, though ideally as a deeper constitutional therapy.
Holistic Homeopathy Ely

Areas of special interest

All female issues, anything connected with performance difficulties, teaching/learning and dealing with domestic or professional pressures. As homeopathy deals with the whole person, a list of ailments is neither relevant nor permitted on homeopathic websites. Please call to discuss details.

Holistic Homeopathy Ely

Additional skills


  • Dowsing is the icing on my homeopathic cake and saves time.
  • It assists in fine- tuning potency choice or remedy order.
  • It helps with those who cannot give a complete picture.


  • Personalised feng-shui is used to complement homeopathy:
  • 9 star Ki, Element cycles, Pa’Kua, I Ching, Kua number.
  • Know which colours and materials will increase or drain your energy.
  • Which areas and elements are best for relaxation and sleep.
  • How to balance dynamics within the home.

Bach Flower Remedies

  • A gentle, efficient application of these flower essences is available either separately or included in a full homeopathic appointment.
  • Their subtle action can help to enhance emotional well-being.