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My first career was in music. I began teaching the clarinet at 20 while still studying at Trinity College of Music, then taught full time in Kent, NE and SE London.

During my 30s while teaching 6 long days each week, I suffered frequent, recurrent infections that resulted in taking antibiotics every few weeks.

I tried various alternatives including acupuncture and clinical ecology, both of which helped temporarily.

It was homeopathy that created a total shift in my perception, energy levels and general well-being.

Astounded by the dramatic effect of a few tiny pills, I wanted to learn more about homeopathy in order to help others.

At this point I abandoned “career teaching” and worked part-time in order to study homeopathy, which had given me the courage and conviction to re-organise my life.

Subsequently, I had renewed energy and well-being in my 40s, following a decade of persistent poor health. I also spent my 50s being healthy, in Ely, doing what I enjoy: homeopathy and music.

I still visit my homeopath regularly. She has not only made me well, but continues to be a source of inspiration.

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