• I graduated from The College of Homeopathy LCH in 1996.
  • I am a fully qualified, insured homeopath and registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths MARH.
  • Four years at The College of Homeopathy provided me with a classical grounding in traditional prescribing and a thorough knowledge of the “old remedies” so I am able to work in an analytical way.
  • More recently, the work of the Guild of homeopaths, in producing “new remedies”, has also taught me to trust my strong intuition.
  • I therefore employ an eclectic mix of analysis and intuition, combined with many different prescribing strategies in order to achieve the ideal combination for each individual.
  • Homeopathy is a way of life for me, but I also consult doctors as appropriate and I am a responsible homeopath.
  • Integrity is central to my philosophy, so if I feel that homeopathy is not appropriate for you I will say so.


  • My gift for pendulum dowsing was discovered prior to studying homeopathy, whilst a patient and student of the late Jack Temple, though I do not use it in the same way as his “dowser healers”.


  • Following homeopathy, I successfully completed a practitioner course in Feng-Shui at the Alan Stirling School.


  • I am a qualified teacher: Cert.ED and enjoy teaching classes for adult education in homeopathy and feng-shui.
  • Domestic prescribing or remedy pictures make interesting courses and are available on request, with sufficient numbers.
  • Basic feng-shui is fascinating and includes elementary dowsing.
  • As a former full time teacher with a post of responsibility, I am aware of the associated pressures, and hope that such experience adds extra insight to my homeopathic knowledge in helping teachers.

Performing Arts

  • I studied music to professional level: FTCL ARCM LRAM and have witnessed most performance related problems.
  • Having since prescribed homeopathy for musicians, I like to help all those who need it for giving their best performances (music, acting, interview, skating, dancing exams, public speaking, ofsted inspections).

I offer homeopathy plus dowsing and personal feng-shui, coupled with professional experience in music and teaching.

Denise Tutin
Holistic Homeopathy Ely